My Work Retaliation Story

I write complaints. I also used to investigate them.

Today I went to meet with an investigator from the EEOC. The attorneys had filed a charge of discrimination with the EEOC and the Colorado Commission of Civil Rights back in July. It took six moths for my interview to confirm that the charge would be filed. What an uncomfortable and slow moving process.

I was completely distracted driving around looking for parking around the building and ended up missing so many spaces on the street that I had to pull into a lot and paid $12 for the 90 minutes I was there. It was worth it. It felt good to tell the investigator my story. At least there’s that. Now I know how the parents must have felt when their children’s cases were under my investigation. They confided in me how they felt and now I feel what they must have felt. Scared. Angry. Disappointed. Neglected.

I spent twenty minutes answering questions on their form that I would assume the attorneys I hired had already handled. I wonder why? Honestly, I was a little worried that today would just be another dead end. Another maniacal obstacle that the system placed in my path toward restorative justice. But I don’t feel that way right now. I have an official stamp of approval to move forward. No matter how strange or senseless this system is, it felt good to be heard. And validated.

In solidarity for kids.

My best always,✌🏼⚕️

Lisa (Weiss) Rudofsky, J.D.

Published by StuckInMyBra

Above all else, I am a mother. I've been told by my closest friends that I am a fighter, but I actually roll my eyes at that part of my identity because I really don't enjoy fighting. I'm just good at it for the most part. The thing is, I write about whatever is on my mind, which appears to be a big mess sometimes. I mostly think about my kids and the people they are and how to help them become who they want to be in this world. I love them more than anything in this world. Sometimes I write about giftedness, autism, trauma, schools, mental health and chronic illness because those are all things that affect me. In the past I have written about deaf issues because it has been a bit part of my motherhood. I write about my own life and the people in it and I try not to hurt people's feelings in the writing process. I hope what I write touches peoples hearts and opens people’s minds because I think people in our world need to have more understanding and compassion. I tell it like it is. Read on.

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