Jason Rudofsky, My Popular Husband🙌🏽

Today Rudy turns 52 and this is his year in review. It’s a birthday gift for my fool because I am proud of him.

Last year around this time Rudy stepped up and supported our mixed family and friends to organize Solid Ground Denver, which started out of sheer necessity to support a small group of DEAF and Disabled students who are 15-21 in order to continue their formal education and develop employment skills. This meant becoming a vendor of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s Division of a Vocational Rehabilitation. This proved to be a Herculean advocacy and paperwork effort in order to serve clients of this corrupt government agency. The learning curve was brutal BUT what has come out of it are solid community partnerships that have been valuable and are growing. (We are no longer doing business with DVR.)

Rudy and our little Solid Ground Denver Cued Speech and ASL volunteers together in Fairplay.

Rudy invested our family into a membership with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. He jumped right into leadership training to become a project leader and he co-led his first project last August on land owned by Mountain Area Land Trust in Fairplay. We worked together with one of our twins rebuilding public trails. https://www.voc.org/

Rudy led our Solid Ground Denver family to learn farming by joining up with an organization called Grow Local Colorado last spring. Under his direction and never ending supply of personal manpower, we have now turned our little homestead in Park Hill into a Grow Local Community urban farm. He even built us a chicken run so that we can eat fresh eggs! http://www.growlocalcolorado.org/

Last spring Rudy decided to embrace life with more optimism and joined Optimist International. He was immediately tapped for the position of President in a new club called the Joint Venture Virtual Optimist Club focused on supporting the children of Firefly Autism. Here’s the club website that just went live! https://www.jvvoc.com/ PLEASE DONATE AND JOIN!

Rudy jumped in to help friend, Chef Cliff Trubowitz, to startup his new restaurant called Turnover Darling in downtown Denver. He made all of those yummy turnovers, including my favorite “French” turnover. Yum!

Rudy journeyed inward last spring under the guidance of Bud Wilson with Deep Nature Journey. He led me and our twins in a three day solo camp in the Canyonlands of Utah. Not easy or comfortable, but very worthwhile. We grew ourselves and learned a lot together. https://deepnaturejourneys.com/

Rudy joined on as a cast member with a theater troupe called Spackle The Crack which is producing a new live show at the People’s theater in Aurora, Colorado. Come watch them in live action on April 30 and again in May! Tickets and info here. https://www.denver.org/event/spackle-the-crack/88582/

Rudy also did the regular old family guy stuff that only our little family witnesses. He seems most proud of replacing yet another garbage disposal, but I appreciate his true life partnership in one of my most turbulent and trying years. I am grateful for this man and I love this peacefool with all of my hearts. That’s just the truth.


Love and peace.

All Ways,

Lisa Rudofsky 🤟🏼✌🏼✨

Published by stuckinmybra

First and foremost, I am a mother, but I am also an educator and an activist. I've been told by my closest friends that I am a fighter, but I actually despise that part of my identity because I really don't enjoy fighting. I write about whatever is on my mind, which feels like a big mess sometimes. I mostly think about my kids and the people they are and how to help them become who they want to be in this world. I love them more than anything in this world. Sometimes I write about giftedness, autism, trauma, schools, mental health and chronic illness because those are all things that affect me. I write about my own life and the people in it and I try not to hurt people's feelings in the writing process. I hope what I write touches peoples hearts and opens people’s minds because I think people in our world need to have more understanding and compassion. I'm to tell it like it is.

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