Feelings + Seasons of Life❄️

Photo of Cole Jackson Tucker at home.

Written by Cole T.

Autumn looks like mud, tastes like clean air, smells like dead plants, sounds like snapping branches, feels like paper, makes me feel uncomfortable.

Humor looks like insanity, tastes like acceptance, smells like B.O., sounds like laughter, feels like a lack of breath, makes me feel indomitable.

Fear looks like the devil, tastes like spit, smells like vomit, sounds like war drums, feels like a cold blizzard, makes me feel a love of life.

Winter looks like light, tastes like water, smells like a cool breeze, sounds like silence, feels like extreme air conditioning, makes me feel content.

Published by stuckinmybra

First and foremost, I am a mother, but I am also an educator and an activist. I've been told by my closest friends that I am a fighter, but I actually despise that part of my identity because I really don't enjoy fighting. I write about whatever is on my mind, which feels like a big mess sometimes. I mostly think about my kids and the people they are and how to help them become who they want to be in this world. I love them more than anything in this world. Sometimes I write about giftedness, autism, trauma, schools, mental health and chronic illness because those are all things that affect me. I write about my own life and the people in it and I try not to hurt people's feelings in the writing process. I hope what I write touches peoples hearts and opens people’s minds because I think people in our world need to have more understanding and compassion. I'm to tell it like it is.

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