Tennis is a 🫶🏼 game🎾🎾🎾

Before I became a lawyer I worked at several different places and one of my first paid gigs was teaching tennis to younger kids at public tennis courts for the City of Denver Department of Parks and Recreation. I think I was turning 15 the first summer I taught tennis at Crestmoor Park. Looking back, I was terrified most of the time because I had no idea what I was doing there. I was a 15 year old competitive tennis player. It was never my plan to teach, but I’m a yes person and I said yes when I was offered the opportunity that summer. The truth is I felt not at all prepared and like a fish out of water teaching and that has always felt a bit awkward to admit, but when I think back to those times that’s what I felt like. Awkward. Plus fortunate to be a natural athlete and a talented tennis player. That summer was challenging and a little gut wrenching and it was the summer I feel like I started to learn how to wing it. It turns out that tennis and winging it are both very valuable skills. Thank you for the lessons, Brent.

After spending what feels like a complete lifetime building a different career, I have been forced to my knees. Not literally. But it means figuring out what to do next. Homebound is where I have been. Maybe I need to be home. That’s probably it. I need to be home because I am a responsible homemaker and it is where my heart really is almost all of the time. That’s the truth.

And I also need to play tennis. For fun.

I started working back in the tennis business in November, stringing and selling racquets. I love tennis. Thank god I still love tennis. I am grateful for that job. It reintroduced me to my passion for tennis.

When my husband and I first got together over a decade ago he was playing league tennis at Crestmoor (the club not the public courts). I didn’t play, but he kept telling me he wanted me to play mixed doubles with him. I didn’t have the energy for it then. Now I do, but I’m injured by the stringing job.

I just took another tennis business job at a beautiful new tennis training facility started by Randy Ross where I don’t have to string racquets and I can train and recover from my stringing injury so that I can play tennis. The place is across from the Denver Broncos Training Facility in Englewood, Colorado. My man and I are gearing up to play mixed doubles there. Ten years later than he wanted, but I am ready here and now. I hope we will make a killer couple.

I haven’t played doubles in years without hitting someone. And my forehand was completely absent when I checked in on it. And I still have a few weeks of PT and another business to get started for SGD.

Mixed doubles. Love-Love✌🏼✌🏼

Published by stuckinmybra

First and foremost, I am a mother, but I am also an educator and an activist. I've been told by my closest friends that I am a fighter, but I actually despise that part of my identity because I really don't enjoy fighting. I write about whatever is on my mind, which feels like a big mess sometimes. I mostly think about my kids and the people they are and how to help them become who they want to be in this world. I love them more than anything in this world. Sometimes I write about giftedness, autism, trauma, schools, mental health and chronic illness because those are all things that affect me. I write about my own life and the people in it and I try not to hurt people's feelings in the writing process. I hope what I write touches peoples hearts and opens people’s minds because I think people in our world need to have more understanding and compassion. I'm to tell it like it is.

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