It’s Called Cued Speech

The following is an oral presentation about the deaf Cued Speech community I prepared in 2018. Or was it 2019? I can’t recall right now. In any case, I was offered an opportunity by Janet DesGeorges, who is the Chairperson of the family advisory committee for the national Early Hearing Detection and Intervention conference toContinue reading “It’s Called Cued Speech”


I want to share what I’ve learned about ketamine because over the last few months ketamine treatments have revived my 17 year old from a deep depression that has been disabling him since he was 14. Now Cole is like a doll that has come to life. My gentle, intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, kind, witty, wiseContinue reading “Ketamine”

Sweat, Tears, and a Prayer for Humanity

When I was in my thirties and my children were young I became very ill. I looked fine to most people, but I didn’t feel fine at all. I battled insomnia for about seven years. I was exhausted and severely fatigued. I ran on adrenaline most of the time. At the height of my illnessContinue reading “Sweat, Tears, and a Prayer for Humanity”