WellPower Is Sleeping With Colorado Medicaid

Dear Phil Weiser, Jared Polis and Colorado Access Board member Carl Clark MD and colleagues, We would like to meet with you about how Colorado can devise a Corrective Action Plan to correct our failure to provide medically necessary services for children who are Medicaid members like we are. Since August 2021 we have personallyContinue reading “WellPower Is Sleeping With Colorado Medicaid”

Carl Clark’s Wellpower Empire

I took this photo of myself voicelessly whistling. Even though I am a whistleblower, I cannot actually whistle. My family can attest to this fact. The letter below is what we wrote today to Carl Clark, the current CEO of Mental Health Center of Denver as a follow up to a previous letter that IContinue reading “Carl Clark’s Wellpower Empire”

Colorado Suicide Crisis Stories

Dear Colorado Governor Jared Polis, This Rocky Mountain PBSvideo highlights two of our children who have so far survived unrelenting discrimination and retaliation against themselves by our public education system and many of the related Colorado human services agencies. I have a question for you. Do you really think that disabled children on medicaid shouldContinue reading “Colorado Suicide Crisis Stories”

Ancestry Dot Com©🎈✌🏼

July 16, 2015 We spent last weekend with my cousins. My brother doesn’t have kids, so they don’t have any first cousins on my side . . my cousins’ kids are their cousins. Trying to explain second cousins and once and twice removed? Huh? They’re just cousins. Can we end it at that? I’m confused.Continue reading “Ancestry Dot Com©🎈✌🏼”