Using 4t1s 🤬 Words

Badass (4t1t3s). I looked it up. There are a plethora of definitions when I search the word on Google. Personally, I prefer the definition provided by Urban Dictionary, which is “someone who becomes mentally stronger despite having lived through adversity.” Nailed it. This word has been coming up for me a lot. After a fairContinue reading “Using 4t1s 🤬 Words”

Testimony in support of Colorado HB 21-1014

I wrote the following on March 24, 2021 in support of a bill championed by colleagues working with the Invisible Disabilities Association. My name is Lisa Weiss and I am the director of advocacy programs for VALIDEAF, a national non-profit with a mission that serves the diverse deaf community. I am a proud native andContinue reading “Testimony in support of Colorado HB 21-1014”

It’s Called Cued Speech

The following is an oral presentation about the deaf Cued Speech community that I wrote in 2018. Or was it 2019? I can’t recall right now. In any case, I was offered an opportunity by Janet DesGeorges, who is the Chairperson of the family advisory committee for the national Early Hearing Detection and Intervention conferenceContinue reading “It’s Called Cued Speech”