Deaf Gain Story💯

FEARS ARE EDUCATED INTO US, AND CAN, IF WE WISH, BE EDUCATED OUT.” KARL A. MENNINGER Evidently some words are for sale. Or at least a few I recently learned. “Deaf” “Deaf Education” “ASL” and “dDeaf”. WTAF?!✌🏼 Last night I watched the movie CODA for the third time. The familial conflicts and the hurt andContinue reading “Deaf Gain Story💯”

Jason Rudofsky, My Popular Husband🙌🏽

Today Rudy turns 52 and this is his year in review. It’s a birthday gift for my fool because I am proud of him. Last year around this time Rudy stepped up and supported our mixed family and friends to organize Solid Ground Denver, which started out of sheer necessity to support a small groupContinue reading “Jason Rudofsky, My Popular Husband🙌🏽”