My Sleep Disorder + PTSD + Righteous Rage = Depression/Fatigue/Fibromyalgia

Despite the reappearance of my lifelong sleep disorder over the last year and the shock to my heart last April (, I still have never had much trouble getting myself out of bed in the morning. I love life and I always have. I truly have not experienced much depression in the traditional sense untilContinue reading “My Sleep Disorder + PTSD + Righteous Rage = Depression/Fatigue/Fibromyalgia”

Feelings + Seasons of Life❄️

Written by Cole T. Autumn looks like mud, tastes like clean air, smells like dead plants, sounds like snapping branches, feels like paper, makes me feel uncomfortable. Humor looks like insanity, tastes like acceptance, smells like B.O., sounds like laughter, feels like a lack of breath, makes me feel indomitable. Fear looks like the devil,Continue reading “Feelings + Seasons of Life❄️”

Tik Tok is a blast ⚡️♾🎶🤟🏼

5s8m5m5sd3s (furious) 👿 2s8m5m5sd3s (curious)🤨 Since my son Cole’s death in April I have been doing a few things differently. One of those things is trying to have a lot more fun. Fun is something that’s been missing from my life for quite a long time now and that’s mostly because I became consumed byContinue reading “Tik Tok is a blast ⚡️♾🎶🤟🏼”